How a Aquatemp Heat Pump Pool Heater Works!

The Aquatemp heat pump pool heater utilizes proven refrigerant technology to capture latent heat from the ambient air and transfer it to the pool water. This is accomplished by utilizing minimal amounts of electricity and freon refrigerant, along with a How an Aquatemp heat pump pool heater works(1) high performance fan, (2) super-efficient compressor and your already existing pool pump.Refrigerant is used because of its ability to absorb and transfer heat energy.

The fan draws large quantities of warm air through the (3) evaporator that acts as a heat collector. The liquid refrigerant inside the evaporator absorbs the free ambient heat from the drawn-in air, changing the liquid refrigerant into gas. The refrigerant is then passed through the compressor. The refrigerant gas is compressed to increase its pressure and temperature. This super heated gas is then pumped to the (4) TITANIUM heat exchanger (condenser which is suitable for use on a salt water chlorinated swimming pool).

The heat exchanger then transfers the heat from the compressed gas to the incoming pool water thus increasing the pool water temperature. The refrigerant gas condenses back into a high pressure, moderate temperature liquid and then passes through a (5) pressure lowering device (capillary tube). The capillary tube then passes the low pressure, liquid refrigerant to the evaporator coil to repeat the cycle.This process is repeated on a continual basis until such time as the swimming pool reaches the desired temperature. When this is achieved the unit will switch itself off by means of a thermostat.

When the swimming pool water loses 1 degree the thermostat will switch the unit back on automatically and the process will start again. As with all swimming pool heating systems, you are advised to use a pool cover when the pool is not in use. This will keep evaporation, the greatest heat loss, to a minimum, and so reduce the overall pool heating costs and unwanted frustrations. If no cover is used it is essential that the heat pump pool heater be oversized accordingly.