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The Aquatemp heat pump pool heaters utilize superior performance, non-ozone depleting, environmentally friendly green 407C refrigerant.


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Specialist Applications

Our products range from domestic & commercial type swimming pool heat pumps, chill pumps and heat chill pumps to heat pumps and chillers used in industrial applications as well as custom made products as per the customers requirements. Following are a few of the specialised applications that we cater for.


One important part about keeping your fish healthy and living long lives is keeping them at the right temperature. This requires proper chilling and heating equipment for the Aquaculture system. Our heat/chill pumps are equipped with a titanium heat exchanger; titanium is the safest metal to use in fresh or salt water applications as it won't harm aquatic life. Components or metals like copper that most common heaters have are harmful to aquatic life.



Water Chilling

Water chilling is available down to a flow temperature of 6°C. Applications include small process cooling, liquid data cooling and even chilled water for selected fan coil units.


Most hydroponic growing systems require the water or nutrient solutions to be heated to a specific temperature dependant on the crop. The heated water is then pumped around the growing beds to provide both heat and nutrients to the plants. As the Heat Pump controller can be set to accurately control the water temperature, sensitive crops are easily cared for.